Unit Holders may lodge Service Requests for change of particulars which may include:

a) Change of Address and contact numbers of the Principal Account Holder, Joint Holders and Nominees.

b) Change of names in respect of Joint Holders and Nominees.

c) Change in status of Tax Exemption and Zakat Deduction.

d) Change of Banker, Bank account number etc. of the Principal Account Holder, Joint Holders and / or Nominees and Credit card number of the Principal Account Holder.

e) Changes associated with units processing (e.g. Transmission, Deletion, Merger and Transfer of Units).

f) Changes in connection with certificate processing (e.g. Issuance, Cancellation, Splitting, Consolidation and Fresh issuances in case of Lost, Mutilated or Defaced certificates).

Following procedure will be followed for lodging Service Requests:

  • For service requests, fill out and submit the Service Request Form (AGIM 05 for Individual, Corporate and Institutional Investors) at the counter of the authorized branch of Bank Alfalah Limited.
  • Make sure the signatures on the Service Request Form are of the person(s) authorized to operate the account as specified in the Investor Account Opening Form.
  • Obtain your acknowledgement copy

For more details on the above, please refer to Trust Deed and Offering Document or call on (021) 111-090-090.

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