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Easy Cash Management


Successful cash management entails that your saving / spending needs are all met.


Long Term Capital Appreciation


Put your savings to work by reviewing our fixed income portfolios that seek to provide steady gains. Over time these enable your participation in a myriad of investment opportunities in corporate and government bonds, potentially delivering steady and stable returns.


Equity Exposure


Over time* the best performing asset class is the Stock Market. However, it always carries risks. Find out about our stock funds with their proven track records.


Shariah Compliant Solutions


If your preference is to seek income that does not contain any element of interest, AGIML offers both a low risk Shariah Compliant Income Scheme option, as well as a Shariah Compliant Asset Allocation Scheme which enables investors to take exposure to Shariah Compliant equities.


Balanced Solution


A balanced solution which can invest in a broad category of asset classes, from low risk liquid fixed income securities to equity securities are appropriate for investors who have a moderate risk tolerance but do not have the time or expertise to manage their own asset allocation strategy.



*(returns based on a 10 year investment horizon)

Whether you are  planning for your retirement, or are a retired person with a need to manage your retirement income, our professional Investment Advisory team can guide you on how best to achieve your return objectives.

Investment Advisory

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