Q. What is Alfalah GHP Investment Management Ltd.(AGIML)?
Q. What is a Mutual Fund?                                                              
Q. How is AGIML linked with Bank Alfalah?                                 
Q. What is a Trust Deed?                                                                
Q. What is a Trustee?                                                                      
Q. What is a “Prospectus” or “Offering Document”?                   
Q. Why should a one invest in a mutual fund?                             
Q. What is the difference between an Open-ended Fund and a
     Closed-end Fund?                     
Q. What is NAV & NAV per unit?                                                      
Q. What are the costs incurred by investors in buying Mutual
     Fund Units?                   
Q. What is Offer Price and Redemption Price?                              
Q. What is sales load?                                                                        
Q. Is there any redemption or encashment fee?                          
Q. How do I invest?                                                                            
Q. How do I Redeem?                                                                        
Q. How do I Convert from one Fund to another?                         
Q. Will I receive confirmation of my investment?                       
Q. How do I get an account statement?                                        
Q. What are the cut-off times for investment in AGIML funds? 
Q. How will you pay the proceeds back to us?                             
Q. Do I need to have an account with Bank Alfalah Limited to
    make investment in AGIML managed funds?   
Q. Is my investment in and return from AGIML funds
Q. What is an FMR?                                                                           
Q. How do I get the daily NAV?                                                       
Q. Do funds pay dividends?                                                             
Q. Who to contact for further queries and fund information?